Valley Josefovské údolí

Josefofske udoli is beautiful valley in Moravian Karst. It is singular place because of its original woods (beeches, firs, yews) with rich herbal flat. The valley had been sought out already in the primeval ages; a lot of findings confirm it. There are many matters of interests nearby, Byci skala, two cave mazes Jachymka and Kostelik opened for public, springs of Jedovnicky and Krtinsky streams, and an educational path leads from Adamov to Byci skala. Another matter of interest is also national cultural monument Smelting-house Frantiska managed by the Technicke (technical) museum with exposition of ironmonger’s in a former pattern-shop. Constructions, set around the exposition, are rests of iron, cast-iron and army product manufacture, whose furnace has been built in 1732. On the open space by the high furnace, you may find the exposition called “Slovanske hute”- Slavonic smelt-houses. During spring an experimental smelting in small furnace take place here.
Josefovske valley -smeltery of FrantišekJosefovske valley -smeltery of František
Smelting-house Frantiska
josefovske valley -Býčí rockjosefovske valley -Býčí rock
Cave Byci skala